Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool and a very effective way of equipping young professionals with the skills and knowledge to progress in their careers.

CILT Australia engages business professionals in a mentoring program that promotes excellence, develops leadership, and strongly supports career development while building capability in the T&L industry.

Nike coined the phrase – Just do it !. – I wish I had this available to me all those years ago. I feel I am very fortunate in being able to offer some small assistance towards another person’s development in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Equally I am also privileged in being developed by the mentee as well, it’s a two way street, and to see the mentee grow & develop as a person is wonderful – Just do it ……………it’s another facet of lifelong learning …..Vic Gado FCILT

Drawing on the wide range and depth of experience from our Chartered Fellow’s and Chartered Members for Mentors this is an excellent opportunity for young professionals to reflect on themselves, their career and the T&L Industry, as well as learn something new and widen their networking circles.

The reason I wanted a mentor was to have someone to discuss and map out my career development or direction. My Mentor has been excellent to use as a sound board for thoughts, and has offered professional and common sense advice on this topic. You cannot put a price on learning from an experienced individual and there is nothing like learning from someone else’s mistakes. Geoff McQueen CMILT

The mentoring partnership is a one on one business relationship designed to be for period of 6 months with suggested meetings every 2-3 weeks. Mentees and Mentors are matched on:

  • The career and program goals of the mentees and the career experiences of the mentor
  • Location of each
  • ‘Degrees of separation’ so that, ideally mentors and mentees do not work together in their usual roles.

I engaged in the mentorship program in 2011, which I believe saved me from exiting the industry. The best thing about the mentor/mentee relationship is the perspective that you can offer each other – especially if you work in different sectors of the industry. Elliot Price CMILT

What’s in it for Mentees?

  • Increase in self confidence
  • Challenge to go further
  • Provides a forum to discuss professional issues, career development
  • Matches mentee with an experienced professional – promotes networking, provides role model
  • Facilitates development of increased competencies and interpersonal skills

Commitment: 6 months

Cost for Mentees:
CILTA Members $35.00
Non – Members $89.00 (includes a CILTA membership for a period of one year)

What’s in it for Mentors?

  • Opportunities to expand knowledge and communication skills
  • Enhances leadership, teaching, coaching skills
  • Creates new support networks, greater collegiality among professionals
  • Intrinsic satisfaction of helping emerging professional

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Interested in being a Mentor or Mentee?

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Contact Sue at National Office [email protected]