Careers in Logistics and Transport

It is important in today’s world to plan ahead if you want to be successful, find a job that you enjoy and keep up to date with what is going on in the industry. If you don’t know what your choices are – and there are so many available – it becomes difficult to plan your next step.

This careers guide gives details of your options.

Life-long learning will ensure that you are always kept up to date with skills and knowledge for your job, as well as offering you opportunities to get better jobs, better benefits and to earn more. 

Further Education

There are many courses, qualifications, training and degree options available in logistics and transport. It is worth taking time to contact colleges and universities to ask them to send you information on the qualifications they run before making your decision, so that you can be sure you choose the best option for you.

Work placements

Work experience looks great on your CV and can help to prove that you are genuinely interested in a particular sector or company. If nothing else, it will help you to decide if a particular career is really the one for you.


Apprenticeship programs are routes into skilled employment. Primarily for young people, apprenticeships provide the benefit of participation in structured training programs that enable individuals to develop the skills needed for a successful career.

Graduate development schemes

Many companies offer graduates training at work on their graduate development schemes. This means that you gain experience and receive training at the same time. Graduate schemes offer real opportunities to build successful careers.

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