Certified Professional Logistician (CPL)

Certified Professional Logistician

Recognising Professional Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain

Certified Professional Logistician (CPL)

Australia’s growing Transport and Logistics task, and the increasing sophistication of logistics and related supply chain management, provides a wide range of exciting career opportunities.

The Certified Professional Logistician (CPL) programme provides a benchmark of excellence for measuring capability and proficiency within the profession of logistics and supply chain management.

The programme is administrated by two prominent membership based professional associations. These organisations are represented on the Transport and Logistics Certification Council which oversees the management of the program, and the regular auditing of the professional standards involved.

About the CPL Program 

The CPL is a professional certification in logistics that enables employees in this industry to develop themselves more effectively, and assists in defining the logistics profession.

The CPL program recognises professionals who have already made a significant contribution in logistics and supply chain management, and who are committed to further development of their capabilities.

To hold a CPL certification indicates that you have significant expertise and engagement in logistics and supply chain management.

You are able to marshal effectively in the technology and leadership skills required to handle complex issues in moving freight and coordinating with the related information flows and business relationships. 

Certified Professional Development (CPD) 

The certification programme will become a life partner for those attaining CPL certification, as continuing professional development is crucial to maintaining CPL status.

The commitment to continuing professional development by the Certificate holder is a significant advantage to their employers as it underpins currency of skills and knowledge.

Your professional development can include activities such as formal education or training, informal learning opportunities, conference or seminar attendance, and involvement in association events and management. 

Why go through CPL Certification?

CPL certification supports your career by confirming that you have received independent assessment of professional capability. Employers can be confident that you have met a recognised industry bench mark.

On achieving CPL certification, you will join many other professionals in the freight and logistics industry, supply chain management and Defence logistics who strive to continually upgrade their skills and knowledge. 

Code of Conduct 

As a CPL certificate holder you will be asked to abide by a professional code of conduct. This code will guide your ongoing contribution to logistics and supply chain management. 

How to become a CPL

The first step to becoming a CPL is to apply by downloading and completing the application form and attaching supporting documentation: CPL Application form

The initial requirement is to complete the point’s calculator which is a check of your eligibility against the threshold of 400 points. Detail is required on your work experience, education, training and professional involvement.

Having achieved the threshold, you can choose from one of the participating organisations to assess your application and be your CPL Partner.


Initial Assessment:         $500.00 (excl GST)

Renewal:                           $110.00

(Each 3 Year Period)

CPL Secretariat

Phone: 1300 68 11 34

Email: [email protected]

Apply online at: CPL Application Form