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Become an Education Partner

We invite you to become an education partner for the new Centre for Continuous Professional Development (CCPD) Website. It is a tremendous opportunity to showcase your Organisation and attract new customers.

The new look Centre for Continuous Professional Development (CCPD) website is expanding our “one stop shop” for our members to not only meet their desire for continuous self-improvement or requirements for essential knowledge and skills in Transport and Logistics, but also have access to short educational offerings across some further 32 educational sectors that hang off the periphery of the supply chain and transport industries.

The CPD offerings that will be sought are: short courses (½ day to 6 days), master-classes, seminars, webinars and online programs that can also be targeted at an international client base. The expanded program set will also focus on a much wider base than just those existing modal courses in the freight, logistics, supply chain and passenger markets.

Table 1: Sectors where short PDP programs will be expanded

Finance Planning Management Strategy
Marketing & Sales ICT Purchasing Productivity and Efficiency
Economics Truck Safety Human Resources Infrastructure
Project Management Defence Logistics e-Logistics Dangerous Goods
e-Business Engineering Management Analytics and KPIs Network Structures
Warehousing Fleet Management Legal/ Regulatory Frameworks Operations Management
PBS Trailer Manufacturing Vehicle Body Manufacturing Vehicle Dynamics
Business Innovation O H & S Entrepreneurship

The CILTA PD Directory currently houses 100 course offerings which we anticipate will triple in the next year. International short courses will also be listed.

Download your Education Partnership Document Here!

For More Information Contact Professional Development Coordinator| [email protected]