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The Centre for Continuing Professional Development

The Centre for Continuing Professional Development (CCPD) and it’s directory has been designed as a guide for Transport and Logistics professionals who have a desire for continuous self-improvement or require essential knowledge and skills to perform their role.

CILT International and its Territorial Organizations are responsible for the Continuing Professional Development of its members in the Transport and Logistics sectors through their international charter gained some 90 years ago

CILT Australia is working with industry and our educational institutions to examine the needs and gaps in these learning challenges.

With this in mind the new CILT Australia Centre for Continuing Professional Development has now been established. The Centre will focus on short educational offerings that are of interest to industry. Through this new centre CILT-A will expand significantly the current short course offerings in our Directory across some further 32 educational sectors that hang off the periphery of the supply chain and transport industries.( See Table 1 below.) CPD is a totally different market to the VET and Higher Education sectors. These sectors supply Certificates, Diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, whereas industry cannot get enough of the good CPD short program offerings, and demand is growing in most countries.

The CPD offerings that will be sought are: short courses (½ day to 6 days), master-classes, seminars, webinars and online programs that can also be targeted at an international client base. The expanded program set will also focus on a much wider base than just those existing modal courses in the freight, logistics, supply chain and passenger markets.


CILT Australia sets and maintains standards for delivery of professional development programs and seminars through Accreditation of Institutions to deliver programs developed by CILT International, Certification of programs that meet the academic requirements for Chartered Membership status and Recognition of short courses and seminars through the provision of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

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As an online directory it will be updated regularly as more courses are added. Your suggestions of learning needs that need to be met are welcomed.