Key Knowledge Steps

The CILT International Key Knowledge Areas (KKA’s) are deemed to be the body of knowledge that professionals in the transport and logistics industry should know. These KKA’s provide the basis for the educational requirements for Membership.   The diagram below shows the relation between knowledge and the CILTA Membership levels.

Knowledge Levels for Logistics and Transport

There are varying levels of requirements for different levels of graded membership. Members must be able to demonstrate their understanding of the KKAs to different degrees depending on their grade of membership. The e knowledge levels are:

  • Awareness – the member knows about the topic and can indicate issues connected with it.
  • Knowledge – the member can discuss the topic and communicate reasoned opinions on the important issues connected with the topic.
  • Competence – the member is able to make sound professional judgements based on their knowledge of the topic and apply theoretical principles while using independent reasoning to draw conclusions and make recommendations
  • Expertise – the member has a special skill, or a high level of knowledge, derived within the profession. They are able to offer opinions or commentary from the foundation of their proficiency and command of the topic. They are valued for their judgment, mastery, and competence.
Knowledge Steps