Professional Development Programs (PDP)

CILT Australia’s education base is comprised of two product streams: the traditional products such as Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Graduate Certificates, Associate Degrees, Masters Programs etc and the second education stream which consists of events and short programs designed to deliver Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

CILT Australia Professional Development Programs (PDPs) will comprise of a set of themed modules from Short Course (SC) offerings and certified courses which reflect a particular knowledge field.

PDP’s will be created from recognised modules, PDPs are:

  • Specialist themed programs
  • Two to six days in duration
  • Offered through a face to face or an online medium or a mixture of both
  • Assessed through exams, quizzes, assignments or case studies
  • Constructed from recognized modules from one or more short course providers, or modules from larger certified programs, and
  • Achieve at least a 60 CPD point threshold
Professional Development Program

A PDP will look to use a combination of related modules from both recognised short courses and certified programs. It is expected that most PDPs will emerge from one short course provider nominating a specialist set of their own modules from their existing recognised short courses.

PDP’s will be themed to cover a specific mode:

  • PDP (Public Transport)
  • PDP (Quantitative Logistics Analysis)
  • PDP (e-Business Logistics)
  • PDP (Logistic Strategy)
  • PDP (Warehousing)

Completing a PDP

Specific PDP’s will be advertised directly by CILT Australia in the Professional Development Directory.

Students will receive a certificate advising of completion of a CILTA Recognised PDP within their chosen theme.

Commercial Arrangements

A PDP will be a premium CPD product, created from high interest recognised short course modules that have a specific educational theme. Training providers will be able to negotiate the rates charged, membership discounts and the fees payable to CILT Australia for recognition and advertising.