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Royal Air Force, Pilots, Cabin Crew, Operations, Ground Handling Passenger Services, Management, Maintenance, Engineers, ICT, Marketing, Cargo Management, Procurement, Stores, Supply Chain Management, Travel and Tourism


Coach, Bus, Lorry, Train, Taxi, Van, Chauffeur, Road Rescue, Lift Truck, Courier

Defence Forces

Army, Navy, RAAF, Reserves

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Technical Support, Servicing, Maintenance Development, Customer Services, Sales, Management, Training, Analysts, Design, Consultancy, Administrators, Database Management, Smart Couriers

Manufacturing Logistics

Planning, Analysing, Finance, Management, Customer Relations, ICT, Organisation, Technology, Research, Environment, Design, Cost Management


Business Development, Project Management, Warehouse Operations, Transport Operations, Fleet Management, Sales, Marketing, Systems Design Implementation and Management, Negotiating, Finance, Communications, Customer Relations, Procurement, Contract Management

Passenger Transport

Bus, Rail, Air, Sea, Operations, Planning, Financial Control, Recruitment, Public Relations, Marketing

Ports and Inland Waterways

Ferry Operations and Crew, Cruise Line Operations and Crew, Transportation, Cargo Operations, Freight Operations, Warehouse Operations, Catering, Repair and Maintenance, Dock Policing, Customs and Excise, Passenger Care, Communications, Civil Engineering, Surveying, Building Inspecting, Environmental and Heritage Advising, Patrol Operations, Maintenance


Purchasing, Planning, Management, Finance, Customer Relations, Business Strategy, Problem-solving, Risk Management, Negotiation, Communications

Rail Transport

Engineering, Customer Relations, Driving, Technicians, Train Design, Train Building, Management, Planning, Operations, Train Operations


Navy, Leisure Boating, Merchant Shipping, Watersports, Underwater Technology, Ports, Shipyards, Boat Building, Coastguard, Environmental Research, Commercial Fishing, Ship Repair, Naval Architecture, Ship Management, Oil and Gas Exploration, Maritime Financial and Legal Services, Nautical Training, Marine Insurance, Ship Surveying, Marine Equipment Manufacturers, Merchant Shipping

Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Planning, Management, ICT, Analysing, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Operations, Warehousing, Inventory Control, Freight Forwarding, Contract Management, Reverse Logistics, Environmental Control, E-commerce

Transport Management

Operations, Engineering, Industrial Design, Analysis, Research and Development, Health and Safety, Environment, Customer Services, Marketing, ICT, Management, Planning, Engineering, Vehicle Design and Maintenance

Transport Planning

Planning, Analysis, Management, Design, Operations, Environment, System Development, Infrastructure Planning


Operations, Management, Sales, Storekeeping, Administration, Customer Services

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