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(Short, sharp learnings in transport and logistics)

Just the Facts Please is a set of short courses designed by Master Research Australasia Pty Ltd, to introduce students and practitioners to the basic ideas in Transport and Supply Chain Management. The courses present the fundamental ideas and current thinking in topics relevant to people operating in the transport and the supply chain space.

Just the Facts Please courses distil the essence of longer one and two day courses run by Master Research Australasia which provides participants with a deeper understanding and the ability to perform calculations required for transport and supply chain operations. These longer courses involve solving transport and logistics problems to teach analytical skills to supervisors and managers.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Statistics for Logistics

A short introduction to basic ideas of statistics required in transport and logistics.

Participants will learn about forecasting, measuring variation and using Excel to describe and graph transport and supply chain data. Useful for a wide range of business people who want to catch up on how to improve decision making.

Where Should I Put My Warehouse?

A short fun introduction to supply chain design.

The course includes playing the iconic “Beer Game” and discusses different supply chain management programmes. It is a geographer’s take on the task of designing and managing a supply chain. ”Tips from the pro’s”

Is this course for you?

Managers, supervisors and floor staff who want to gain a quick background briefing on what is happening in the transport and supply chain management space. They provide participants with key current ideas, thoughts on best practice, further readings and an understanding of learning pathways that a participant can follow to gain more knowledge and CILTA accreditation. 


4 hours 

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Face to Face


On Application (includes notes, morning tea) 

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On Application


Course Contact:

Dr. David Wilson
+61 419 374 776