Liquefied Gas Tanker Familiarisation

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Course Outline

The Liquefied Gas Tanker Familiarisation course is designed to provide training for officers and ratings assigned specific duties and responsibilities relating to liquefied gas tankers.

Course Entry Pre-Requisite

An AMSA approved Basic Fire Fighting certificate, or an Australian issued Certificate of Competency. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Contribute to the safe operation of a liquefied gas tanker
  • Take precautions to prevent hazards
  • Apply occupational health and safety precautions and measures
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Take precautions to prevent pollution of the environment from the release of liquefied gases

Course Approval

This course complies with the requirements of Section A-V/1-2, paragraph 1, Table A-V/1-2-1 STCW78 as amended and is approved by AMSA. 

Delivery Mode 

Face to Face

Please Note: This course is currently being designed for online delivery.

Course Duration

2 Days


On Application

Commencement Dates



The following certificate will be issued by AMC to participants who successfully complete the course and provide documentary evidence to satisfy the course pre-requisite:

Tanker Familiarisation (Liquefied Gas Tanker) AMSA approved, meeting the requirements of STCW Reg V/1-2 and Code Section A-V/1-2 paragraph 1, Table A-V/1-2-1 Full attendance and participation in ALL activities during the course will satisfy the required performance criteria. If you do not hold the required pre-requisites, you will be issued with an AMC Statement of Results.


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