SC2020 Part 2 - Developing a High Performance Team

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Where does Emotional Intelligence (EI) fit in?


Any person involved in the supply chain especially Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisory Staff.


Building a High Performance Supply Chain Team

  1. From an Adversarial and Fear Based Culture to one where Collaboration and being Constructive are Core – What is the Value?
  2. Multiple Intelligences drive Supply Chain processes and performance – Emotional Intelligence [EI] is the key.
  3. From Independence to Inter Dependence. Mind full or Mindful?

To provide an overview of the process of developing a High Performance Team / Supply Chain / Organisation and the value it delivers. This workshop will detail what you need to do and why.

How EI can be deployed to improve outcomes across the Supply Chain and the Organisation.  You may get hired on your resume but you get fired often when your EI is not sufficient. The good news is that it can be developed.  Learn How.


Apply the diagnostic of the MIRA extended Tuckman phases of team development that include; Forming Storming Norming Maturing Customising and Innovating. Understand where your team currently is and what actions and activities can move the team up the development curve towards High Performance. Combines Theory and Action.

Apply the Hay Group diagnostic and receive your own customised EI report that we unpack during the workshop. Details 12 emotional and social competencies. Understand your Leadership and Management Styles and how they can change with more EI competency.


Complete your Emotional and Social Competence Inventory [ESCI] diagnostic and understand yourself and where you are in terms of emotional self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management.  Build an improvement and development plan and get to it. Achieve your career goals!

Understand the current stage of team development and how to improve performance. Identify workplace culture and organisational system challenges in moving along the high performance team path.

Includes 1 hour session with Stephen Hanman post PDP via Skype to ensure you understand and are able to work with your EI report! 


Course Contact:

Stephen Hanman