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About Us

Monarch Institute is a leading provider of engaging and well-structured courses that are nationally recognised across Australia under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). We are a Registered Training Organisation (TOID No: 22530) regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

All our courses are written by industry experts, collaborating with Industry leaders and Government to ensure the necessary industry specific subject matter is carefully and comprehensively integrated throughout the course. It’s not just the knowledge we are focused on, it is a commitment to skills development and relevant vocational skills learning; Education for the real world.

We create partnerships with our students, striving for success in their chosen industry.

When studying with us, students receive both face-to-face workshops and the latest online learning options. We carefully select our trainers for their combination of extensive industry and training experience. We believe you not only need great trainers, but you also need responsive and superior student support to maximise your learning experience. Monarch Institute understands that people learn in different ways and we offer a variety of assessment techniques to meet the needs of individual learning styles.

Our courses help students to make a valuable contribution in their industry and allow employers to invest in their most valuable assets; their people.

Monarch Institute’s Vision

High quality tertiary education and training opens doors to better work performance and career progression. Monarch Institute is committed to the delivery of academically robust and well-structured courses with easy-to-follow learning resources through a flexible learning environment to help students achieve their educational and career goals.

Monarch Institute’s Mission

Monarch Institute will achieve its vision by:

  • Advancing collective knowledge and understanding through a commitment to free intellectual enquiry and scholarship.
  • Providing superior student support, ensuring each student receives value from their education and training program.
  • Consulting with industry in developing and reviewing courses to ensure industry needs are reflected.
  • Maximizing individual learning through the provision of structured, easy-to follow course materials.
  • Engaging experienced educators with both academic and industry experience to develop and deliver quality courses.

Monarch Institute’s Strengths

  • All of Monarch Institute’s trainers have been carefully selected for their combination of extensive industry and training experience
  • All of Monarch Institute’s course materials have been written by industry practitioners to ensure that relevant and practical applications are at their core
  • Monarch Institute’s education specialists oversee all education and training programs with a focus on the provision of structured, easy-to-follow course materials
  • Monarch Institute provides superior student support, ensuring each and every candidate maximizes their learning experience and obtains real value from their studies
  • Monarch Institute offers a variety of assessment techniques to meet the needs of individual learning styles
  • Monarch constantly reviews existing and new courses to service changes in the relevant industries.

Monarch Institute’s People

All Monarch Institute’s leadership team and instructors have extensive industry and teaching experience. Monarch Institute has carefully recruited senior lecturers from RMIT, the University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and the AGSM.

Monarch Institute’s highly qualified staff have delivered extensive training both in Australia and overseas. They have experience designing curriculum that are well structured and easy-to-follow, in a variety of courses for both the Higher Education and VET sectors. Monarch instructors have been awarded recognition for teaching excellence, both in Australia and overseas and it is this depth of experience that ensures the courses undertaken with Monarch Institute will be both informative and enjoyable.

Monarch Institute’s Courses

All Monarch Institute’s courses are designed to meet the needs and demands of industry employers. A student who successfully completes a course with Monarch Institute will have the required knowledge and skills to make a valued contribution to their workplace.

Courses consist of core and elective units, combining both theory and practical application.

Current courses are available on

Our Partners and Clients

Our courses are designed in close collaboration with Government, Industry and top tier corporate partners. We also provide tailored courses for our corporate partners to assist with internal team development and skills improvement.

We are 100% student focused

Monarch Institute’s reputation is built on our student’s success and our commitment to ensuring our courses are relevant and deliver real world education.

John Emile

“My experience in all my dealings with Monarch Institute has been impressive both from an academic and customer experience perspective. The course contents were comprehensive and well structured. Student support was always available when needed. The facilitators were really engaging and fostered an environment to allow students to share their experiences and challenges. Monarch Institute is a great training provider and I recommend their services for any student looking at further developing their professional career.”


Jeremy Hall

“I have found the courses at Monarch to be of a very high quality, with relevant materials and content, practical assessments that build workforce skills, and with adequate trainer support where required. In particular, the course materials included with every module were detailed, user-friendly and greatly added to the utility of the coure, and remain a handy reminder. I have been very pleased with my decision to study with the Monarch Institute, and appreciate the follow-up to collect feedback.”


Nikki Liotta

“The course was completely online which made it very flexible – a huge positive as I work full time. The resources provided were extremely comprehensive and any queries I had were always answered quickly. The online learning centre made it easy to track my progress and view results and feedback. Gaining this qualification has seen me advance in my job and I would highly recommend Monarch Institute.”


Josua Durbin

“I really liked the reading material. It was written very well and made the concepts easy to understand. The assessments were also designed well, increasing my knowledge on the topics and highlighting important points from the reading material. Overall I am very happy with the course and plan to return after finishing the diploma.”