Basic Rolling Stock

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Course Outline

This course is a basic course which means it develops core knowledge about various types of rolling stock and the infrastructure to support them — all to a basic level.

This course is suitable for anyone employed in the rail industry in a technical or nontechnical role or a rail enthusiast wishing to learn more about rolling stock. This course is a pre-requisite to some other basic courses and to some advanced courses.

Learning Outcomes 

At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:

    • Explain the terminology for rolling stock
    • Identify and explain the purpose of railway track components
    • Ascertain major components of rolling stock and explain their function
    • Recognise different types of locomotives
    • Name different types of trains and cars
    • Identify specialist type railways cars
    • Describe rolling stock infrastructure 


This course should take at least 3 hours, especially if all web links are researched. 

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Participants that complete all on-line course activities and the assessments will receive a Certificate of Achievement.


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