SC2020 Part 3 - Delivering the Value of Partnering

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Inspirational Leadership in Supply Chain


Any person involved in working in the SC with key suppliers and customers. Anyone who leads and manages.


Delegates to understand current relationships with service providers and where they sit in a partnering context. What is the value of a partnering relationship? Understand what you need to get there.

How inspirational leadership can be developed by building on your emotional and social competencies. The good news is that it can be developed. Learn How.


Understand your current supply chain relationships internally and externally. Who is it worth partnering with and how to do. Identify workplace culture and organisational system challenges in moving along the partnering path.  Conduct the Red Blue simulation.

Complete an inspirational leadership diagnostic and work through the results during this workshop. Understand how many Leadership and Management Styles you currently deploy.


A tool which enables delegates to assess current relationships to see whether the partnership components are aligned with the potential benefit that could delivered. The output may be an understanding of current relationships and whether they are a type 1, 2, or 3 partnership.

Understanding of Red Blue simulation and its role in the development of collaboration and partnering.

To understand where you are on the inspirational leadership continuum and develop approaches to improve how you inspire. Leave with a development plan.


Course Contact:

Stephen Hanman