SC2020 Part 1 Supply Chain – Farewell Silos

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Creating a Seamless Supply Chain, Collaboratively


Any person involved in the supply chain especially Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisory Staff.


Developing a Seamless Supply Chain

  • Understanding the past and the present re the SC development path,
  • Mapping the path to the Future – SC2020. Seamless and Collaborative, and
  • Building Constructive Interfaces – inside and outside the organisation.


To provide an overview of the process of developing a Seamless Supply Chain and the value it delivers. To assess where you live on the Continuum between Competitive to Collaborative Supply Chains – includes both within your organisation and also with customers and suppliers. Identify where you want to be and detail the path to get there. Understand the tools for collaborative practice.

The steps are NowWhereHow and this presentation will detail what you need to do.


Understand how seamless your supply chain is today.   Identify how to make your SC more seamless. Learn how to apply an Interface Conversation. Understand how decision making will change in the seamless organisation. Combines Theory and Action.


Identify workplace culture and organisational system challenges in moving along the collaborative path. Understand Leadership and Management styles and how they impact on collaboration.


To build a broad understanding and an action plan to create a more Seamless and Collaborative Supply Chain.  Understand the value to your organisation.


Course Contact:

Stephen Hanman