Develop a Workplace Learning Environment

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Course Outline

To maintain a competitive position in its industry, an organisation needs to perform in an effective and efficient manner. Essential to this is having knowledgeable, enthusiastic and creative employees who continue to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes so they remain proactive staff members who can adapt to change and continue to contribute to the organisation.

A key responsibility for a manager is to create learning opportunities for employees, actively promote and facilitate their learning, and monitor the effectiveness of their learning to ensure an appropriate return on the investment of time and resources.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Review what is coaching and how it differs from mentoring and training
  • Understand the context – When should we coach? What skills do we need?
  • Have a look at our own mindset – What work do we need to do within ourselves in order to coach successfully? How do I raise my own level of emotional intelligence?
  • Conduct individual coaching sessions and give positive feedback
  • Look closely at the GROW model and how to apply it in real-time contexts
  • Have extensive practice at running coaching sessions and receive feedback



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Course Code

BSBLED501A – (Unit from Diploma of Management)


Participants who satisfactorily complete all the units from the Diploma of Management will be awarded a Certificate (Diploma of Management BSB51107) and 100CPD Points:

Completion of any of the units within the Certificate will result in a Statement of Attainment.


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