Emerging Leaders : Women with Vision (BSB51107)

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Course Outline

MCI is proud to bring you our Emerging Leaders: Women with Vision program culminating in a nationally recognised Diploma of Management! This is your opportunity to build your own future and network with women aiming for top roles – The program is founded on solid principles and models of management and leadership.  Examples of these include: the Stephen Covey model for personal effectiveness and productivity; the Patrick Lencioni model for team and organisational performance and the peter Drucker model for effective accountability and delegation.

The program ensures that the practical application of skills is paramount so that the participants are able to feel confident in their roles in the workplace.  There is time set specifically for debate, simulated conversation and on-going feedback.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to adopt guidelines to communicate effectively with other men and women in your team when handling important conversations to ensure positive outcomes.
  • How to apply two key communication tools when dealing with all types of discussions – Transactional Analysis and CARE.
  • To develop credibility as a woman manager and have the ability to recognise key behavioural styles.
  • To develop a heightened level of emotional intelligence to deal with challenges that arise in the team or the organisation including on-going goal setting and establishing the team’s guiding principles.
  • Establish yourself as a role model in the team by living the organisation’s values.
  • Adopt the habits of highly effective people and acquire basic project management skills to cope with demanding workloads.
  • Understand and apply the GROW model to create a coaching journey with your coachee.
  • Establish an innovation focused culture in your time.

Course Structure

4 sessions x 2 day intensives over 3 months

Session 1 –

  • Manage personal work priorities and professional development
  • Manage people performance

Session 2 –

  • Ensure team effectiveness
  • Develop a workplace learning environment

Session 3 –

  • Undertake Project Works
  • Manage Operational Plan

Session 4 –

  • Manage quality customer service
  • Bonus Lesson: Managing More Effectively Across the Generations
  • Establish systems that support innovation


Participants who satisfactorily complete the Emerging Leaders – Women with Vision Sessions 1-4 course will be awarded the Certificate (Diploma of Management BSB51107)and 100 CPD Points:

Completion of any of the sessions 1-4 will result in a Statement of Attainment and 60CPD Points.


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Face to face


Course Contact:

MCI Client Relationship Manager:
Barry Benjamin +61 2 8292 0916 or email [email protected]
or Visit the website http://mci.edu.au/