Finance and Accounting Literacy Training Program

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Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting Literacy Training Program



Thinking of starting a business and lack Finance and Accounting acumen?

Running a small business but have no clue what your numbers are saying?

Are you a coach or consultant who would like to add more value to your clients?

Want to be able to read and interpret financial info as a non-finance manager to make better business decisions?

Are you in general unfamiliar with all the technical Finance and Accounting jargon Accountants talk about?

Would you like to improve your Financial literacy to ensure the future financial success of your business and clients?



Info about the program

Business acumen helps your employees understand how their decisions impact the company’s financials.

Our business simulation gives your employees a fundamental understanding of business. They get a business vocabulary that will help them make better decisions, and understand how their decisions impact the company as a whole.

Here are some of the topics covered

    1. Decision making: learners face problem of whether they should expand production capacity, invest in research, and develop new product lines.
    2. Strategic thinking: learners must take into consideration forecasts and the competitive landscape to choose a strategic direction for their own virtual company.
    3. Product mix: learners will look at how producing at different volumes affects costs, and try to find a mix of products that yields the highest possible profitability.
    4. Forecasting: learners use market forecasts to plan operations and investments, and make budgets to see the financial side of their plans.
    5. Financial statements: learners can see how the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement differ, and use them in their decision making.
    6. Manage cash flow: contracts with back-loaded payments and investments can leave you short on cash. Should learners fund the cash delay with loans, credit, or in other ways.
  1. The Business Simulation training:.
    • Students get to run a simulated business over 8 quarters (2 years)
    • The training is online and runs 4 hours per session (we do this in one morning sessions)
    • Group size is 3 to 4
    • The cost is $660 + GST per person.


Course Contact:

Arno Wakfer CA, FMVA, CBCA General Manager | Trainer | Coach at Educatio | ABN 83 619 695 153 P: 1300 489 081 E: [email protected] W: A: Suite 404, 282 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, Sydney, NSW, 2022

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Karyn Welsh

“It’s so easy to grasp. I came in with zero knowledge of Accounting and leaving with a wealth of knowledge. It actually makes me feel absolutely brilliant because I can now think like an accountant. I never liked numbers until this.” – Sameshan Reddy, Branch Manager, Kolok

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