Applied Procurement and Contract Management

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Applied Procurement and Contract Management




Overview This program builds on the fundamental knowledge and skills of procurement professionals. It covers the complete lifecycle of a low risk, low value procurement from initial planning activities through to closing it out. Participants will ultimately gain the ability to effectively conduct procurement activity as well as the ability to manage contracts effectively.


Who is it for? Any government officer who purchases low risk, low value goods and services using whole of government panel arrangements or agency specific panel arrangements, or by seeking competitive quotations


Duration 2 days


Delivery Face-to-face training workshop

Work-based activities, including presentations, group tasks and case studies


Prerequisites Basic knowledge of procurement and contract management


Course Requirements Participants are required to complete all in-class activities



Topics Covered 1.     Strategic project management

2.     Project governance

3.     The role of the project sponsor

4.     Managing changes to the project scope

5.     Project planning and control

6.     Developing an effective project team to achieve project outcomes

7.     Stakeholder communication

8.     Information management

Learning Outcomes
  • Apply regulatory and policy framework to a procurement activity
  • Plan a procurement
  • Approach the market
  • Conduct a procurement
  • Manage a contract
  • Apply appropriate probity to a procurement
  • Introduction to contract law
  • NSW government procurement electronic platforms
  • Corruption prevention in procurement


Presenters Paul Vorbach


Paul is a Director and senior faculty member at AcademyGlobal, and an Honorary Professor at the University of Technology Sydney Faculty of Law.


With a background in executive management in multinational commercial firms, including Deloitte (Senior Manager) and Citi (VP and Director), Paul has 25 years experience across consulting, financial services and management education industries.


Having conducted assignments in 20 countries on 5 continents, Paul has partnered with leaders in commerce, academia, government and the not-for-profit sector to provide programs that address their key organisational challenges and opportunities. He works with clients in the area of capability strategy, training needs analysis, program design and course delivery. His areas of expertise include: finance, procurement, risk management, turnaround and restructuring.

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